LAN/WAN Networking and Troubleshooting

lan_wanNetwork Planning:

Planning and implementing an IT network wired, unwired or vpn from scratch can be complex and time consuming, particularly when you have a business to run. This is where we come in at Vintage Technologies we design, supply, install and implement every detail of your IT network whatever your requirements or size of your company. Whether you simply want two or more computers to share a printer or need a fully networked computer system with separate servers to store your files and emails, we take care of every detail.

Network Installation and Design:
Our network engineers are skilled in designing and installing a wide range of networks on different operating systems. We work closely with our customers to provide an IT solution that is designed to meet your current needs and is capable of being upgraded or expanded as your needs change in the future.

Network Upgrades:
If you already have an IT network we can assess how securely and efficiently your current system is performing. We can then identify ways your system could be improved and implement those improvements for you. We can also advise you about the reliability of your current method of backing up your valuable data and suggest and implement improvements to make sure that if your network system fails you don't lose important data.

Network Support:
Having the right IT network in place is the first step to improving efficiency and unlocking business potential. In our experience, however, many companies fail to maximise this potential because they do not have the time to monitor and update their IT systems on an ongoing basis. This is where Vintage Technologies Systems Support can help.

Network Maintenance and Support:
Our team of experienced network engineers can help support your business with a regularly maintained and optimised IT network. An underperforming network can not only affect your staff's morale but also business critical functions which impact your profitability. Our team are able to provide the solution to meet your needs, from fully managed contractual maintenance for your IT systems to ad-hoc support in times of crisis.

Network System Monitoring:
To ensure your new or existing IT network works properly, we can provide systems support to your business. Our services include monitoring your servers to make sure your network is working efficiently, your backup is functioning properly and that you have the latest spyware and virus protection to secure your network against threats that could comprimise your network security. As with all our services, we can design and deliver a support package tailor-made for your business. We also regularly re-assess your systems to meet your business' changing needs.

Virtual Private Network(VPN) Setup & Support

vpn Virtual Private Network (VPN)

When you or your staff need to work from home, Or you are looking to connect two or more offices so they can send and / or receive data You would need a Virtual Private Network to be set up. For years, C-Tech has been installing secure VPN systems for business, as well as providing the support required to ensure these networks remain secure and reliable.

There are many types of VPN technology and protocols in use currently so which is best for your business depends very much on your needs and your current set up. C-Tech’s technical consultants have experience in setting up and supporting various different types of secure VPNs for business, so are very used to finding precisely the right VPN technology to suit your business requirement.

A Virtual Private Network, commonly known as a VPN, is a secure communications connection which is carried over an insecure public network - such as the Internet - but with data securely encrypted to prevent anyone else accessing your private data.

Typically used by home workers and telecommuters, VPNs provide an excellent and cost-effective way of accessing an office network. They are usually the cheapest and nowadays certainly the most common way of setting up a private Wide Area Network (WAN), for example between a central office and employees who are either working from home or on the road. A VPN thus allows remote users to connect with the office network securely, with full access to resources like printers and email etc, just as if they were sat at their own desks.

If you imagine the Internet as being like the public road network, being freely available for all to use, a VPN between your home and office would be a bit like having your own secret personal lane on the motorway which no one except designated staff from your company is allowed to use.

A VPN allows data to be transmitted from point-to-point securely, and even though the connection is made via a public network like the Internet, it cannot be accessed by anyone who is not authorised to use it.

Voice Over IP (VOIP) Implementation and troubleshooting


Having VoIP adapters in place of traditional telephones reduces the amount of cabling you need, no matter how many VoIP connections you have in the office.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows the transmission of voice over the Internet and other networks. VoIP is commonly used to make telephone calls, as it uses far less bandwidth than a traditional telephone call, which makes it much cheaper.

Make Cheap or Free Telephone Calls Over the Internet
VoIP calls are extremely cheap, and often free. As the signal is carried over the Internet rather than through telephone exchanges and satellite links, long-distance calls can be made at no extra cost. Most VoIP packages also include free services such as voicemail and call waiting completely free of charge. Because VoIP works over the Internet and treats the voice signal as it would any other data, it allows you to do more with your telephone call than just talk. Amongst other things, VoIP users can attach documents to voice messages, send instant messages, or make video calls. You can make calls through your VoIP adapter from anywhere that has an Internet connection, allowing for flexible and cost-efficient communications on the move.

Website Designing/Development

CCTV Installation and Troubleshooting

cctv Closed-Circuit Television(CCTV)

C-tech global has the equipment and technical expertise to provide you with and install a dynamic surveillance security system. In Nigeria, many surveillance systems are installed by fly-by-night companies, with low-grade cables, and technologically outdated cameras. This leads many frustrated as their surveillance system is rendered virtually worthless because of poor positioning of cameras by not taking back-lighting into consideration, degraded video quality by using aluminum shielded coaxial cable rather than copper shielding, and interference by running the video cables to close to electrical cables. These are just a few of the many mistakes C-Tech global have corrected for customers over the years. Our expertise can transform your surveillance system from a grainy image that has blind spots from the lighting, into a system that can automatically recognize faces and license plate numbers and store them to a database with a date stamp for easy back reference. Below is a list of other technological advancements we can offer your current system. If your system does not currently offer these options, then it is time to call C-tech global TODAY!

Remote accessibility: live video from selected cameras can be viewed from any computer, mobile smartphone, tablet, or other devices.

Encryption authentication: C-Tech global offer secure data transmission through encryption and authentication methods such as WEP, WPA, WPA2.

Built-in processing power: We can setup our cameras to act as intelligent sensing devices, with such features as object-based motion detection and video analytics.

Two-way audio via a single network cable: This allows users to communicate with what they are seeing (e.g. warn a potential vandal to think twice)

Higher image resolution: Our cameras have a resolution of at least 640x480 and can provide multi-megapixel resolution and HDTV image quality at 30 frames per second.

Vandal-resistant, weatherproof housing and extended temperature support: Designed for reliable performance indoors and outdoors, even in conditions marked by significant high heat or wet rainy weather.

Computer/System Maintenance and Repair

Server Management and Services

Internet Services Provider(ISP)

I.T Consulting and Office Support

Selling/Supplying all kinds of Networking Devices/Equipments, computers, Printers, Scanners, Copiers and its accessories etc.